SPOCKS BEARD – ‘Brief Nocturnes & Dreamless Sleep’

spocks beardSPOCK’S BEARD – ‘Brief Nocturnes & Dreamless Sleep’
Brothers Neal and Alan Morse formed Spock’s Beard in LA over twenty years ago; a self proclaimed ‘song writing-based progressive Rock band’, their sound whilst complex in structure, has an accessibility and (dare we say it) pop sensibility that has the power to convert.  And you’ve got to give it to them, there are some bold choices and moves made in their writing process that come through in spades on record.  Like the ivory tinkerings and hammond infused scores floating amongst ‘Hiding Out’ and ‘I Know Your Secret’.  Both dashing cuts of progressive widdling and noodling that place them comfortably shoulder to shoulder with Rush, Genesis and Yes. There are commonalities and alignment to the recent Flying Colours super group, previous Marillion incantations and the just plain ridiculousness of Hawkwind.  That’s not to say they’re without identity; there are few who can use flute effectively in today’s Rock scene or overtly and openly attempt to mystify with the sort of progressive musings you should only hear in fairy tales (check the 9 minute pomposity of ‘A Treasure Abandoned’).  But the musicianship is right on, with consummate Rock  vocals and absurdly likeable story telling; so who would be so cruel as to deny them their rightful place amongst the other dreamers out there.  (7)



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