SOME SKELETONS – ‘And Signs & Ampersands’

someskeletonsSOME SKELETONS – ‘And Signs & Ampersands’
This is the new EP from Nottingham band Some Skeletons and if this selection of five songs is anything to go by, I am hoping we will be hearing a lot more from these chaps in the future.  The EP starts off with ‘Grand Hopes’; an instant anthem with sparse beautifully arranged guitar work, urgent drums and a cracking sing along chorus that all gives way to a fantastic explosion of distortion and crashing cymbals.  Although the other four tracks don’t quite reach those epic heights, the’re far from disappointing.  The lyrics at times whimsical, at others intensely introspective; delivered clearly using harmonies that add some fantastic depth.  My favourite aspect of the singing however is that its delivered in English accents (no feigned Americanism here thank you very much).  A special mention should also be made for track ‘Squall’ – the singing is incredible and delivered over stuttering verses which give way to yet another soaring chorus.  As this is an EP you can pick up for a mere £3 from their bandcamp site, I would strongly recommend you do so if for the opening track alone.  So, with the expectation of even better to come = (9)



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