SENSES FAIL – ‘Renacer’

sensesfailSENSES FAIL – ‘Renacer’
Senses Fail always gave the impression that they had a truly great album within, waiting to get out.  Internal wranglings and the departure of longtime guitarist and primary songwriter Garret Zablocki (to be replaced by Strike Anywhere’s Matt Smith) seem to have provided the kick up the arse they needed to unleash such an album.  Renacer (Rebirth in Spanish) tells you that they’ve had enough of churning out safe albums like The Fire and are finally willing to take a risk and put out music that they seem to actually enjoy making.  Commercially this may be a risky move but the teeny hoardes that latched onto Still Searching and Life’s Not A Waiting Room have probably moved on by now anyway.  So Renacer reveals a side to Senses Fail that we haven’t seen before and it’s apt that thetitle track opens proceedings – a bold statement of intent and a clear message that the band is finally moving forward.  This time it’s a raw mix of melody and banshee screams that lean toward a previously hidden extra depth, making this by far the heaviest and most punishing opus they’ve ever released.  With Shaun Lopez twiddling the knobs the musicianship is perfectly captured, where sludge-splattered guitars merge with primal and guttural rhymes to lead us in one direction, before a signature chorus and lush, starry-eyed interludes drag us back to the edge.  The moments of reflection are brief and all the more precious as another sonic beat-down usually awaits around the corner.  The title track stands out, alongside ‘Mi Amor’ (which is majority sung in Spanish) and thoughtful closer ‘Between The Mountains And The Sea’.  All contributing to a superior post-hardcore release and by far the finest we’ve heard from a band that’s been threatening to blow our socks off their whole career.  A worldwide tour will follow to support its release, we suggest you soak it up and celebrate; it could well be the must-see gig of 2013.  (8)



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