restorationsRESTORATIONS – ‘LP2’
Philadelphia post-punk’s Restorations return with their second release LP2.  Not the most imaginatively titled album ever, but this is on another level to recent rock releases; there’s not a single track on LP2 that sounds like the rest.  The first thing to noice aside from the rawness of the guitars and one mother of a vocal performance, is the production; as clean and crisp as anything I’ve heard.  And there’s no getting away from it; this is one loud piece of work.  The album opens with the simply titled ‘D’, with its overlayed guitars and good old fashioned punk rock yelp that draws the listener into the band’s anthemic qualities.  ‘Civil Inattention’ drops down the gears with softer strumming and wonderfully gruff vocals, before kicking into gear with some filthy dirty bass from Dan Zimmerman that again, leads the way on ‘Kind of Comfort’ alongside a floating guitar solo that creates delicious harmonies.  ‘New Old’ is all quick riffs and even quicker drums but the air of coolness in the bridge works so well, with Jon Loudon’s melodic and intense Eddie Vedder-esque vocals taking LP2 to the next level with a damn near faultless display; everything you could really ask for from a frontman.  There aren’t too many bands that can write an album where every single song lingers in the memory long after te first play and even fewer that do it with such great writing, musicianship and raw emotion.  This really is a beast of a record, so diverse and carefully crafted; a breath of fresh air and a shining example of what solid modern rock can and probably should sound like.  (8)



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