RAT ATTACK – ‘Rat Attack’

ratattackRAT ATTACK – ‘Rat Attack’
We hear the term party rock and run a mile; it usually means yet another horrifying group of skinny college geeks winning hoards of equally immature young female followers with over exuberant banalities.  Normally, we’ve barely heard the opening two bars and we’re stabbing at the stop button, but occassionally, if executed with a little more maturity, bite and grit we’ll hear it out.  It was the super catchy uber party anthem ‘Heartbeat’ that won us over on this one.  Featuring Liam Cromby from We Are The Ocean, its a hugely acceptable and digestable cut that crackles and combusts like The Bronx after too many smarties.  ‘A Bird In Hand’ rides in on a choppy riff and disappears without introducing itself, only to be tail-gated by ‘Facehooked’; a grittier take on the power-popular hardcore mix.  It’s not particularly enlightening or discerning with gang vocals ‘n’ all, but it is pacy and engaging if a little conventional.  EP closer ‘Bad Catholic’ has the band with their ‘Grrrr’ faces on.  Faster, harder, louder and shoutier; it brings to an abrupt end a rather abrasive and arresting debut.  (7)



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