PEACE – ‘In Love’

peacePEACE – ‘In Love’
Sometimes you have to look back to move forward.  The lads in Peace have been doing that in spades if the Birmingham four-piece’s debut album is anything to go by, but man does it work.  Britpop era comes to mind throughout, which could send you running a mile, but stick with it.  Widely touted by NME as one to watch, opening their 2013 Awards Tour, they also made the BBC’s Sound of 2013 list.  As a live act Peace have shown huge potential and “In Love” shows us that this is a band with a big future.  Every track has a tried and tested combo of bold riffs with a singalong chorus that can’t fail to root itself deep inside your head.  Despite pinching a title from Primal Scream’s seminal Screamadelica, “Higher Than the Sun” kicks the album off in fine style with jangling guitars, a pounding beat and a euphoric vocal performance from frontman Harrison Koisser.  I’m putting it out there, it sounds like Gay Dad and I don’t have a problem with that… “Follow Baby” is a dirty, grunge effort in which lead guitarist Doug Castle truly shines.  On “Lovesick” the pure pop brings to mind The Cure at their finest and it’s easy to imagine a younger Robert Smith crooning out lines like “get lovesick with you”.  The baggy influence in “Waste of Paint” is nothing original, but “Wraith” starts like Haim’s “Forever” and develops nicely into a track that is all about the groove, the unexpected house keyboard riff with a lyric “blow me like a floating feather” is a cheeky little pleasure. Peace clearly aren’t ashamed of their influences and “In Love” is a album that take us on a trip down memory lane to the mid-90s.  For me it’s all about the tunes and there are 10 corkers here.  Believe the hype… (9)



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