MUDHONEY – ‘Vanishing Point’

mudhoneyMUDHONEY – ‘Vanishing Point’
What can you say about Mudhoney that hasn’t already been said.  Perennial survivors of the original grunge movement that spawned the entire nineties and noughties cross-section of pre and post Nirvana.  These dudes started it all – making baggy knitwear look cool, torn jeans and DMs, battered guitars that rarely come out of a gig intact, mass stage invasions – they defined most generations and genres and still, they have something engaging to say.  While there’s a renewed appetite for low slung garage-punk that’s as raw root veg, bands like Ice Age have a lot to be thankful for and should watch there backs, ‘cos the daddy’s are back.  Whilst not as ludicrously loose, or definitive as Superfuzz Bigmuff, Vanishing Point is a hugely acceptable addition to their stable.  With the Arm vocal as strangulated, unconventional and perfectly positioned as ever, cuts like ‘Slipping Away’, ‘Chardonnay’ and ‘In This Rubber Tomb’ take the same brash ‘don’t give a shit’ approach and slap it right on your forehead just like the good ol’ days.  ‘I Don’t Remember You’ discusses supermarket innuendo through colloquial lyricism; Arm pausing amidst the chaos to ask “…’scuse me while I fill the shopping cart”.  Defying their years, closer ‘Doucebags On Parade’ shows there’s still a place for slacker grunge-dudes in this marketplace, which is a wonderful thing.  At last, the last of the originals continue to show why their scene was so important in the first place.  (8)



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