MOUNT MORIAH – ‘Miracle Temple’

mount moriahMOUNT MORIAH – ‘Miracle Temple’
So firstly Moriah is not where the dwarves live in Lord of the Rings, that’s Moria. Mount Moriah is a biblical mountain range. This southern east coast US band have vocals and guitar in the shape of Heather McEnitre, backed up by Jenks Miller on lead, bass from Casey Toll and the rest from James Wallace.  Vocals in isolation you’d be forgiven for thinking this was a country and western album and there are strong rootin’ an’ a’tootin’ themes throughout the whole of Miracle Temple . If you can triangulate between Dolly Parton, Ray Lamontagne and Bjork you’re in the ball park for overall sound.  ‘Younger Days’ draw’s you in with an nice enough opener about drinking days and love. The jangly persona shouldn’t put you off listening on as ‘Bright Light’ follows up with a down tempo Kings of Leon’esque riff, an unusual mix of country and contemporary. A more up tempo number in this otherwise fairly down tempo album, exemplified in ‘I Built a Town’. This track in isolation has the strongest country undertones, but the strings dilute the twang in a weird kinda way.  ‘White Sands’ bubbles along quite nicely; poetic, wistful, reminscy package lyrics. The middle album tracks continue the theme, with heartbreak and back-in-the-day central to the themes.  The backing track to ‘Swannanoa’ has much to charm while ‘Miracle Temple Holiness’ could be their breakout single; McEntire’s vocals are warm and inviting and the contemporary mixed with something familiar is clear for all to hear. Things move a layer deeper lyrically on ‘Union Street Bridge’ and there’s something I couldn’t quite put my finger on in ‘Those Girls’ that either endears or alienates.  Miracle Temple Won’t be everyone’s cup of moonshine but there’s no doubting Mount Mariah’s musical and lyrical ability, all genres aside.  (6)



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