ME – ‘Even The Odd Ones Out’

meME – ‘Even The Odd Ones Out’
The Australian Rock scene is rapidly becoming one of credibility and enterprise; no longer fasting on the life long residual legacy of AC/DC, there’s a new emergence of hope that they can compete with their colonial cousins.  And while the future is becoming a little brighter, not one act to present themselves so far has borne the bold theatrics of four-piece ME.  Musically courageous their debut leans heavily towards the song craft of modern day Muse but also draws on Beatles-esque harmonies and the playful nursery crimes of defunct 90’s rock acts Mansun and Jellyfish.  Where the aforementioned went for simple, straight up and memorable cuts, ME throw absolutely everything into the mix – riffs, grooves, orchestral manoevres, choirs and high end vocals that wander all over the place.  What materializes despite being impressively flamboyant, lacks originality, edge or bite.  Some tracks hit home quite effectively, others slightly annoy and are eminently forgettable in their stylistic grandeur; meaning Even The Odd Ones Out is lacking any real substance to corral repeatability.  Opener ‘Hoo Ha’ plays like a limp attempt at a Devin Towsend space opera, while ‘Like A Fox’ and ‘Working Life’, despite some decent guitar work, pinch weaker moments from The Resistance and smother them in the sort of vocal harmonisation that would’ve had Freddie Mercury storming out of the studio.  ME are not short on colour or bravado, but with this one their self certainty feels a little mis-placed.  (5)



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