marklanegan_dukegarwoodMARK LANEGAN & DUKE GARWOOD – ‘Black Pudding’
Upholding his reputation as an esteemed collaborator, Mark Lanegan has recently combined forces with London-based multi-instrumental bluesman Duke Garwood.  Their first studio release, Black Pudding, is set to hit shelves 14th May and on it the new duo cuts their teeth on nappy boot leather and rusty nails, never selling us short of the soulful grittiness that we expect from such masterminds.  The title track sets the mood with an instrumental lead-in, based around Garwood’s ambient blues guitar.  His quick-paced, soft fingerpicking style is like a ripple over black water, the ghost of Lanegan’s bassy voice, a swampy mist.  Among the standouts on this album is ‘Pentacostal’.  Songs like this, as well as ‘Mescalito’, are a clear spin-off of what Lanegan was exploring with Blues Funeral.  Think ‘Bleeding Muddy Water’.  But this is no funeral.  It’s more like the blues reincarnated as spacey, electric tumbleweed, blowing across the bleak terrain of Lanegan and Garwood’s collective fantasy.  ‘Cold Molly’ is a welcomed departure from the tone of the rest of the album.  It’s got a funkiness to it, which is charged by the bass line as well as the playful feedback on Garwood’s guitar.  It’s undoubtedly the catchiest track on an album that, by and large, steers far from anything remotely pop.  It steers so clear that it may even be considered slightly esoteric.  But, labels aside, this album absolutely warrants more than a casual listen.  In fact, it practically requires it.  With each return it will mire you deeper and deeper in its darkness until you are totally indoctrinated.  (9)



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