LIGHTS & MOTION – ‘Reanimation’

lights&motionLIGHTS & MOTION – ‘Reanimation’
“Melodies and harmonies, movies and images, loneliness and melancholy are my influences”, says self-taught multi-instrumentalist Christoffer Franzen.  It’s easy to see why this wonderfully ambient and cinematic post-rock epic is causing a stir, such are the rich tapestries of sound woven throughout its core.  Hailed in some corners as one of the most important post-rock albums ever made, Reanimation fuses widescreen soundscapes into uplifting moments of inspiration through improvisation that few in the music world could dream of pulling off so confidently.  It’s as a result of Franzen’s own late night insomnia sessions that we’re graced with such a musically animated piece of work to enjoy and through the ultimate irony, comes positivity from desperation.  The 12 songs aside, Reanimation is just one piece of superbly played music that will invoke favourite moments from film, visions of the past and future through a mirage of shapes and forms that will lap at your ear lobes like a warm caribbean wind.  Not only is this self composed, Franzen also handles production, engineering and mixing like a seasoned pro; making us truly believe there’s something and someone very special at work here.  A true musical savant who knows how to layer with depth, make bold choices without sounding derivative or contrived; drawing the very best of compositions from his mind, reflecting heartache or a missed opportunities.  The only artists we can think of brave enough to concoct an album so convoluted, as dream-like, as fierce and hard-to-get to-know as this would be M83 or My Bloody Valentine.  That’s not a grin on my face, thats shock at the fact this unique musician has produced probably the most spine-tinglingly soulful debut since records began.  Oh and did we mention he’s only 24?  Astonishing.  (9)



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