ITCH – ‘Manifsto Pt 2’

itchITCH – ‘Manifesto Pt 2’
Former King Blues frontman Jonny ‘Itch’ Fox clearly has a lot on his mind.  Manifesto Pt 2 follows the slightly banal Manifesto Pt 1 in showcasing imaginative remonstrations with the institution.  After The King Blues demobilized the self proclaimed voice of the people and confrontational realist is taking his solo affectations to the street and although more cantankerous than ever, ‘Diplomat’ and ‘Like I’m Drugs’ stand up as anti-anthems built from the ground up.  With Eminem meets Jamie T type vocals, a hint of mainstream Punk-Pop with a dirty rock underbelly, this 4-track second installment has all the curb appeal of a group of hooded ASBOs and despite a clear distaste for society, it carries charismatic  flourishes that point toward some sort of future as a solo artist; we just have no idea what that future might look like.  (6)



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