INTRONAUT – Habitual Levitations’

intronautINTRONAUT – ‘Habitual Levitations’
Intronaut threw me, I won’t lie. I read a few bios before heading into their corner and it made me a little carsick. When people start throwing around descriptives like “genre-fusing”, “genre-defying”, “genre-confounding” I’m ready for bed. Mix into that the inclusion of “jazz improv”, “polyrhythmic”, “prog meets math” (this last one makes me feel like I took shrooms with an the roadie from Alice Donut after doing a round of shots and then letting him kick me in the balls to prove I won’t puke) and I will stay away for life. But Intronaut won me over . . . thanks to Habitual Levitations.  The genuine love these guys display for their music is endearing. As liberally as they pull from their influences they have a clear, refreshing vision that is completely engaging. A nimble musicality lifted by a sincere curiosity that always seems to serve the song first. No histrionics for histrionics sake, just talent and exploration. They aren’t reinventing the catherine wheel but they are certainly marching into some bold territory.  If Intronaut continue to let their deepest darks and most graceful lights spill forth they stand a good chance of producing something truly epic. Hopefully they’ll cut loose the tethers that link them to bands that withered in the post-grundge wasteland and focus on scope and dynamics. Habitual Levitations will do for now, but I await their sonic chant that will awaken the space Kraken.  (8)



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