HUMANFLY – ‘Awesome Science’

humanflyHUMANFLY – ‘Awesome Science’
Although a relatively unknown name, Humanfly have been the purveyors of monstrous riffage for nearly 12 years now.  Shifting adroitly through the years, from fast hardcore to DIY Punk and on this their fourth album proper, prog-rock that carries similar dynamics to The Mars Volta and King Crimson.  It’s large and lumbering, loose and loud, full of extended jams that build slowly before unfurling into a myriad of guitar sounds and textures; opener ‘Golden Arrows’ prime case in point.  Where they know how and when to play it straight down the middle in song structure, they also know how to mix it up stylistically, throwing caution to the wind and the odd fretboard handgrenade into the mix.  The bewildering ‘A Majestic Story’ carries a John Baizley style muted vocal that eventually takes a back seat to Sword style desert and doom axe interplay.  The nine minute ‘Apple That Never Fell’ is majority instrumental; like a hobo from hell’s tale scraped straight from the gutter, it flashes by before you realise what’s just hit you.  ‘Poetry Of Light’ starts with some Foals-esque math-rock guitar picks and jazzy drums that open out into more rythmic jousting, before ‘The Armour of Science’ kicks in sounding like the bastard child of Sabbath and 90’s Helmet, spewing enough gusto and guile to captivate throughout its near 15 minute panorama.  Although a little laborious in some sections the closing carthasis of ‘Frozen In Time, Billions of Light Years Away’ cuts another intimidating disposition of poise and confidence that vanishes off over the horizon without looking back.  Making Awesome Science a reckless yet immensely rewarding release.  (8)



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