HELLDORADO – ‘Bones In The Closet’

helldoradoHELLDORADO – ‘Bones In The Closet’
Love this lot!  Trumpets, surf guitar, maracas, saloon piano, all imbibed with the raw Rock of the dust bowl; what we have here is confident, full of barrel-chested swagger and a stubborn belief in what they’re doing.  What sets this release apart is its sense of authenticity and off-beat charm.  There are vital indications this crew genuinely believe in heritage and rich story telling, which makes in an album few bands could come close to executing and even fewer would dare to go so far out on a limb in opposing populist tides.  We’ve got the lot here – the dripping bold blues-ness of Jim Jones, the snarling angst of Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster, the angular oddities of Obits, even moments of hammond infused Doors psychedelia – its a magnificent mariachi.  Using traditional instrumentation to its fullest to tell tales of lifelong journeys, spirits and gun-slinging heroics, ‘Gallows Bird’, first single ‘Bones In The Closet’ and ‘Two Headed Horseman’ do most of the talking here.  But there’s plenty of gusto and charm to recommend the rest of the pack; from the murderous ‘John McMiller’ and ‘Please Come back’ to the fireside blues of ‘Johnny’s Song’ and the last stand of ‘Sixty Seconds To What?’.  Unashamedly brash, singular and distinctive, you’d have to be dead inside not to be enamored or enchanted by Bones In The Closet.  (8)



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