HEIGHTS – ‘Old Lies For Young Lives’

heightsHEIGHTS – ‘Old Lies For Young Lives’
All the way from across the pond, U.K.’s post-hardcore heavyweights Heights have effortlessly settled into the distinct genre of contemporary American hardcore.  With this latest heavy hitter, the band conveys a style of “slower-paced” hardcore which doesn’t rely on tasteless breakdowns, striving not too far from the essence of Modern Life is War and earlier American Nightmare.  By the third track ‘March 1964’, we’re acutely aware of how they effectively blend brutal vocals of late 90’s hardcore, with the driving and melodic guitar techniques of today’s music scene.  The pacing of the album is one of its strongest elements, cuts like ‘Repeat’ – an eerie instrumental which cools off listeners’ ears and offers a more gentle approach to the songwriting.  Occasionally the band get lost in their own space and time; a song struggling for distinction, blending in to the next with little to differentiate.  But that’s certainly not to say deride the effort from the band.  They do succeed in delivering a fluid album, with stand out cut ‘Stray Rats’ replete with a protruding chorus which bellows “Stray rats never look back”; a straight forward anthem and sure fire fan favorite, it will no doubt incite much crowd participation come their live shows.  And on the flip side to their straight up hardcore edge, unique track “Wake Up, Fall Asleep” offers a welcome variation; abandoning the harsh screams for clean vocals akin to Deftones style of hard rock.  Whilst not a life or world changing take on modern day hardcore, Old Lies For Young Lives is an effective and intrusive listen that should interest like minds and no doubt garner a swelling fanbase come festival season.  (7)



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