HACRIDE – ‘Back To Where You’ve Never Been’

hacrideHACRIDE – ‘Back To Where You’ve Never Been’
Having not released an album in four years the cobwebs were beginning to gather over Hacride.  But you can finally blow them off ‘cos they’re back, with two new members and their career best, adding credibility to the claim that with acts such as Gojira, Gorod and Alcest, France is really where it’s at when it comes to technical heavy music.  The first thing to note with Back to Where You’ve Never Been is that the Hacride sound has evolved from their ‘90s metal roots, into today’s progressive heavyweights.  Aided no doubt by new members Florent Marcadet on skins and Luiss Roux (at times sounding like an angry Joey Belladonna) on vocal duty, this is an atmospheric release par excellence.  With Franck Hueso and Marc Casanova’s production –all very precise and clean but devoid of anything unnecessary – there are tempo changes akin to fellow countrymen Gojira and at times, there’s even hints of Death.  But it’s the overwhelming heaviness, even in the quiet moments, that leave you in no doubt that Hacride have finally arrived to make the final step up from 09’s ‘so close to great’ Lazarus.  This genuinely is one of those rare albums where you can say “all killer, no filler” with not a weak cut on offer and at it‘s high points – ‘Strive To Ever More’ and ‘Ghosts Of A Modern World’ specifically – Back to Where You’ve Never Been shows why it can be regarded as one of 2013’s best so far.  Time to grab your copy and join the French Revolution (9).



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