GOLDEN VOID – Golden Void’

golden voidGOLDEN VOID – ‘Golden Void’
This Bay Area quartet are actually something of a phenomenen.  Connected as teenagers and coalesced as young adults, they create magic music.  Brought back from the mountains, mist in the hair and awash with inherited memories of the 60’s and 70’s, listening to this self-titled debut you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a lost collection of fuzzed-up Sabbath cuts from a forgotten desert era, such is the authenticity of their sound.  Instead what we have is a ruggedly transcendental four-piece that amalgamate the Sabbath footprint with Sword-like doomery and rock guitar play that simply explodes out of your speakers.  The amphetamine-driven holler of Isaiah Mitchell (Earthless) soares throughout, his lead guitar-play accentuated every so often when he lobs a face melting fretboard hand grenade into the spiralling cacophony.  Backed by Aaron Morgans throaty bass, drummer Justin Pinkerton’s steady 6/8 groove and Camilla Saufly-Mitchell’s deft keyboard strokes, it makes for massively effective fare.  The riffs are often elevated to skull popping heights and at no point do we feel short changed by the 7 tracks on offer; each cut adopting stylistic changes that sound subtle yet blatantly obvious, making it totally organic.  ‘Art of Invading’ and ‘Virtue’ kick off sounding almost drained before exploding into a full blown riot littered with human torches.  ‘Badlands’ and ‘Shady Grove’ where their heart on their sleeves and are full of rich tricks; its hard not to become wound around the array of complex fibres adorning the mysterious facade.  With a passionately raw musicality that sits atop swathes of caustic dynamics, Golden Void hits all the right nerves.  (9)



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