generationalsGENERATIONALS – ‘Heza’
Here we have Heza, the new album from the New Orleans based guitar and vocal duo that are
Ted Joyner and Grant Widmer, aka Generationals.  They’ve got the moniker of Indie on wiki and I hear there’s a limited edition red vinyl from their new collaboration with the Polyvinyl label; which is nice.  Having played it through a few times, it’s got a free-wheelin soul to it; top drawer producing but never pushing hard through the gears, undeniably fresh sounding.  Track numero uno Spinozagets you thinking this might be a paint-by-numbers late noughties piece, more than good enough but not a volcanic eruption of a start.  ‘Extra Free Year’ swiftly follows and changes the style a fair bit; couldn’t help but think of MGMT, let’s just hope these guys are better live.  I suspect they will be!  There’s an unexpected trip on ‘You Got Me’ with some far out synth blobs over-layered with melodic vocals, not a smasher but a quality piece none the less.  ‘Put a Light On’ should be the download earner, mass appeal, crisp as a bag of salad and bang up to the minute fused electronica; sweet spot!  ‘I Never Know’ is more where I expected these guys to be, grungin’ guitar with some creole influence in there I think; finger lickin? There is a sense of padding and maybe some of the tracks are a little too similar, but they’ve all got something to like that’s for sure.  Take Kemal’, it’s not world beater, but I bet it would sound ace on a proper rig with a sunny sky to boot!  All in all, there’s enough here to get you back a few times and I’d most definately recommend a listen.  Carefree Indie pop that’s not gonna upset the Mrs!  (7)


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