everythingburnsEVERYTHING BURNS – ‘Take Your Aim’
After numerous setbacks including line-up changes, a new label a vivid reminder to look both ways before you cross the road, Everything Burns return with the follow up to debut efforT “Home”.  This sophomore release is an all-to-brief eight-track affair, with two being intros, almost reducing this opus to more like an old-skool EP!  Overall Take Your Aim is a generic-sounding return that fans of Bullet For My Vallentine, Lost Prophets et al will instantly feel at home with.  Highlights include ‘Ghosts & Angles’ which hits hard with an energy-laden ascending riff before the title-track, with it’s sing-along-chorus likely to be a crowd favourite whenever they come to town.  The musicianship is commendable and impactful but the production puts the vocal way too high in the mix and the bass is almost anonymous at times; losing all weight to support proceedings.  Clearly the pressure of Home meant that they felt an urgency to get some new wax on the streets, which comes across in clunky rhyming lyrics that at times feel comical; ‘Battlefields’ especially.  The South-West rockers may still be out there doing their thang, but this is no Home and while they may be taking pot shots at world-domination, the overly-polished production and strength of competition from the likes of Senses Fail instantly relegate Take Your Aim to status of also-ran.  What you’re not left in doubt with is the musicianship through tracks like ‘Ghosts & Angels’ and ‘Whomper’, that hint at a brighter future.  But as for now the school report simply reads – must try harder! (4)



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