DROPOUT DAN – ‘Forever, Instead’

dropout danDROPOUT DAN – ‘Forever, Instead’
Cambridgeshire born Daniel O’Dell knows how to convey everyday sights and sounds into parables of love, life and emotive story telling.  As British guitar-toting troubadors go, he’s got the lot – great songwriting, musicianship, style and enough emotional scarring to bely his years.  This 5 track EP sees O’Dell perched firmly on a single stool, strumming ardently at a battered old six-string and commanding your attention through a compelling attention to detail.  There’s an organic DIY ethos on show through opener ‘Oh, Little Red’ that conveys sheen and polish.’The Sounf of Faking’ and ‘Sentimental’ mark progression in songwriting prowess and structural maturity.  What appeals the most is a youthful charm that’s as honest as it is simplistic; no histrionics on show, no fuss or flab, just a gritty slice of passionate music that concludes with ‘Like The Stars’; a laudable paean that ignores stereotypes and says it how it is.  Britains answer to Chuck Regan or City & Colour anyone?  The future’s bright.  (8)



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