DEATHFIX – ‘Deathfix’

deathfixDEATHFIX – ‘Deathfix’
As labels go D.C based independent Dischord has always been synonymous with early hardcore, original punk and a do-it-yourself approach to production and distribution.  Seminal groups like Minor Threat, Rights Of Spring, Jawbox and of course Fugazi have pioneered not only the scene from where they were born, but the label from whence they came.  To say this latest incarnation stands out like a sore thumb is not only an understatement, its a mis-direction.  Formed by Brendan Canty the former Fugazi drummer, Deathfix is a collective that takes the original punk and hardcore blueprint and flips it entirely on its axis.  A surprising and actually welcome return to form that has more to do with lazy lounge lizard grooves than balls out energy and guitar destruction.  That’s not to say this self titled debut is lacking in spirit or vigor; quite the opposite.  There are tracks on here that are dead easy to listen to, dead easy to like and dead easy to immerse yourself in for some time.  Tracks like ‘Low Lying Dreams’ or ‘Dali’s House’ that both play on low-end rhythmic shuffles and effortless colloquialisms.  Or ‘Playboy’ and ‘Mind Control’, the latter striding atop a simple guitar lick and bass throb that sounds like Eels and The Wolfmen have compared notes and joined forces.  Then there’s the near 9 minute closer ‘Transmission’ that starts with a My Bloody Valentine style down-tuned riff and platinum smooth aura, before sloping off into a heady mix of restless drums, deft organ touches and spacey guitar.  You get the impression this record didn’t take a lifetime to create, nor is it a mindless piece of self indulgence without legs to go the distance.  No, what we have here is accomplished and distinguished; everything their label stands for.  (8)


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