DEAD SONS – ‘The Hollers & The Hymns’

deadsonsDEAD SONS – ‘The Hollers & The Hymns’
Have the Arctic Monkeys changed their name?  Has Alex Turner switched allegiences to a rival gang?  No?  Well then this lot must be their sparring partners because as debut albums go, The Hollers & The Hymns from Sheffield five-piece Dead Sons is almost a carbon copy of Your Favourite Worst Nightmare.  Granted the guitar tone has a sludgier desert fuzz, but lead singer Thomas Rowley must have Turner’s hormones injected into his butt, such are the similarities.  I mean, if Turner was to suddenly contract a larynx shredding affliction, Rowley could front the Arctic’s no bother.  Archetypes aside, The Hollers…drops plenty of organ drenched psychedelia that occasionally sounds not too unlike Them Crooked Vultures.  ‘Bangonfullturn’, ‘Hangman’ and ‘Stuck In The Maze’ are all mid-paced rockers that chug upside some choppy Homme-style guitar work.  ‘The Last Man Standing At The Nine Till Noon Inn’ in particular has Homme flourishes and rides along a ‘No-One Knows’ type riff, before ‘Black Hole Machines’ continues the impersonation.  Suffice to say Dead Sons are not going to win any awards for originality, they may just be sent out of the classroom for blatant plagiarism and although infrequently credible and convincing, it sticks in the craw to listen to something so painfully derivative.  Covers band of the year!  (5)


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