CROWNS – ‘Stitches In Th Flag’

crownsCROWNS – ‘Stitches In The Flag’
There’s no denying my lack of expertise in Cornish folk (or ‘Fishpunk’ as their hashtag goes…me neither) but if the debut release of Crowns is anything to go by, its definitely something that has been missing from our lives.  There’s no messing about here – plenty of up tempo, bouncy acoustic tracks, but its more ballsy than Mumford and Sons and the Pogues influence is loud and clear.  The title track ‘Stitches in the Flag’ is a single in the making, with hints of a more modern version of the Levellers, and the first few tracks fly by in an energetic, foot stomping frenzy. Their use of a mandolin is a pleasant surprise and is applied effectively on ‘Full Swing’ which for me is the high point of the album. Its just a fun song with strong vocals from frontman Bill Jefferson and its been on repeat here at Headwarmer Towers for some time now.  If you’re a fan of Frank Turner then this will be right up your alley. To slow things down ‘Windmill Hill’ is a soothing, melodic instrumental that shows off their musical talents while making you wish you were laying back on the grass in the sunshine with a pint of Cornwall’s finest.  Its just a shame that like all summer days, it ends far too soon.  Overall the album is a good old knees up with the only downside being a lack of variety.  Most of the songs blur into one but I’m sure that Crowns are a band that will come across even better live than they do on record.  Festival goers take note and go see, because Crowns are guaranteed to lighten any mood and you can’t say fairer than that. (7)



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