COSMO JARVIS – ‘Think Bigger’

cosmoalbumcoverCOSMO JARVIS – ‘Think Bigger’
Album number four for this English singer/songwriter marks a bold step forward from his 06 debut and where 11’s Is The World Strange… missed the mark, Think Bigger showcases his song writing ability to much greater effect.  Proceedings kick off with ‘Love This’ a jaunty number with a cool as f*** hook that could easily go mainstream; it’ll be a surprise if it doesn’t.  The killer hooks continue with ‘Train Downtown’ which plays on the flimsy nature of modern society through a  big tune and smart lyrics. ‘Tell Me Who To Be’ could come across as light and flimsy by comparison, but Cosmo’s bulky lyricism shifts it up into another nifty number; oh and if you find out the answer let me know!!  ‘Sunshine’ is an immediate attention grabbing fave.  It’s not easy to make a song about depression sound like so much fun, did anyone mention Morrisey… (shock horror).  ‘Good Citizen’ is a stomper in the true sense of the word; pounding base lines and a more than convincing lead guitar and a side swipe at Uncle Sam.  It’s easy to love the approach here and in particular, tracks like ‘Friend of the Devil’; an instant hit playlist gem.  The title track ‘Think Bigger’ closes us out perfectly, bringing a fundamentally fresh sounding album to a poignant conclusion.  So you gotta think big and then ya gotta think bigger.  Despite it’s relatively limited length this is an album to consume anywhere at any time; car, train, gym, after the boozer on a Saturday afternoon; it should sit well with the masses.  And with burgeoning film work adding a diverse string to his bow, Cosmo Jarvis is deservedly achieving acclaim from far and wide. It’s not often something unfamiliar and unique comes along so catch it while you can.  A breath of fresh air at last.  (8)



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