COLISEUM – ‘Sister Faith’

coliseumCOLISEUM – ‘Sister Faith’
With this their fourth LP and second for Temporary Residence, Louisville trio Coliseum know how to combine bitingly incisive hooligan punk with cool streetwise suss.  Power and passion is the name of the game here, make no mistake and while they’ve retained the raw characteristics of their earlier work, Sister Faith emerges from the darkness of Punk and dips a toe in the pool of Alternative Rock.  Lead vocalist Ryan Patterson’s guitar pummels down the doors with a rounder, more fuller sound than before; moulding together bloodied switchblade riffs with the bands signature snarl on opener ‘Disappear From Sight’.  There’s nothing frivolous across its 13 tracks, its the product of some serious minds hellbent on making ear drums bleed and souls soar through Punk-Rock stripped down to the sinews.  Flexibe chrome coiled guitars that twitch innocently on a song like ‘Everything Glass’, then lash out to take you by surprise.  And where previous LPs were met with polite yawns of apathy; good efforts but nothing to pull ya pants off, the warbled whiskey soaked incantations of front man Patterson, pulsating bass and collosal drums make this one sting time after time.  Incoporating genuine feel with interesting songs, we know they’ve got what it takes to cause some severe pogo whiplash injuries.  Tracks like ‘Black Magic Punks’ ‘Fuzzbang’ or ‘Bad Will’, that are swirling mind-pools of Fucked Up noise mixed with angular Drive Like Jehu clatter, should see them right this time round.  (8)



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