COLD WAR KIDS – ‘Dear Miss Lonelyhearts’

coldwarkidsCOLD WAR KIDS – ‘Dear Miss Lonelyhearts’
This is really interesting – let’s talk a bit about presentation.  If i hammered out an intense drum roll followed by a wirey guitar phrase pinned down by a driving bass line and then yelped out a lyric, I imagine your head would crane around.  Wait . . . what?  Is there a band happening over here?  Now what if I didn’t really have a ton to say and the first 30 seconds of song one just kind of vibrated for 40 minutes.  Dear Miss Lonelyhearts.  I don’t want to dump on these dudes.  The warbled thrill in Nathan Willett’s vocal has a panicked charm that I rank pretty high.  Hell, I used to front load mixes for chicks I was dating with Hang Me out To Dry because it actually contained animal slink.  That kind of mood amplification leads to some first date, second base action like Noah leads to whale, baby. And that is the very reason why this release disappoints.  Cold War Kids need to stop being bored being Cold War Kids.  They invented the goddamn job, why not run screaming into the heart of it?  Family?  The weight of the road?  I hear you, it ain’t that much fun.  So stop making records then.  Put some back into the songs, performances and production.  ‘Miracle Mile’ should, by all standards of anthem, coast above summer 2013.  It should play in the back of your head while you are racing from beers, to chicken, to the park and back again but it doesn’t SAY anything.  I’m going to give this release a higher score than it deserves but that’s on faith, dudes.  One more foul and you can go lick your wounds with Third Eye Blind.  (6)


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