BORED NOTHING – ‘Bored Nothing’

borednothingBORED NOTHING – ‘Bored Nothing’
Disclaimer – this is actually a positive review.  Down to the nutz and botz.  Punch factor is a measure I apply to any and all individuals who march into the public forum.  Wanna be a rock star?  Welcome to scrutiny.  Wanna be the funny dude who isn’t hilarious but gets the girl at the end of the film?  Here’s your seat on the alter.  If you step out then be prepared for the boot in shit . . . or the laurel of gold!  Isn’t that the point?  Bored Nothing is Fergus Miller and Fergus Miller earns punch factor for not just calling himself Fergus fucking Miller.  Plus making a great record nowadays is about as expensive as a trip to Ikea to buy tea lights and a foot stool.  There is legitimately no excuse to sound like early GBV in 2013.  Unless you possess massive punch factor!  Having said all this negative waffle I think old Fergus has mad skills.  Bored Nothing’s debut, titled sadly Bored Nothing, has some lovely tunes going for it.  Songs, lilting and alluring, are aplenty.  These are ‘alone’ songs that speak to the heart and draw out ghosts.  ‘I Wish You Were Dead’ might become my go to smokin’ drunk on the way home from the train song.  This type of songwriting takes skill and weight.  This is Rundgren territory, true believers.  This is deep love and deep sad in potent quantities.  Fergus Miller possesses a great gift, it is the marriage of word to melody to chord . . . but that’s an epic gift.  Lose the goddamn moniker and the mid-level guitars, and take your place with the guys who made a difference.  (7)



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