BLOODLIGHTS – ‘Stand Or Die’

bloodlightsBLOODLIGHTS – ‘Stand Or Die’
Formed in 2006, Norway’s punk-metal gods Bloodlights have now spawned Stand or Die, a record which doesn’t drift too far from the acclaimed bands of yester years.  The rebel punk sound of opener ‘Roll With Me’ is a sonic boom that features a thrashing 60’s drum adaptation of The Ventures surfer groove.  Reminiscent of cruel skateboarding music, Bloodlights will amp up any enthusiast to hop on a deck and rip the streets.  The deeper jams like ‘Time to Kill’ are simply vicious and instantly curb-grindingly worthy.  It’s not  overwhelming, but furiously intense as the second track ‘Arms Around It’ weighs in with a huge vocal elevation built around rung out chords akin to The Beatles’ Helter Skelter.  Much like the recent release from The Bronx, Bloodlights has the keen ability to fuse hard rock with efficient choruses that are easy to shout along to.  ‘Shit For Gold’ again supplies an intriguing chorus over raw versus that are as brutal as having one’s face skid against concrete.  As on ‘Sure Shot’ the chord progressions are just as captivating as the guitar solos, with vocals perfectly balanced over the chugging rhythm guitar.  Theirs is a philosophy that going overboard on the licks isn’t always the most remarkable element of rock.  The power anthem ‘Blackouts and Landmines’ pays worship to Black Sabbath with a riff to raise up the devil horns and head thrust.  While the staple title track is the most straightforward tune on offer, it’s still a hard rock monument that immerses the band in all its Motorhead glory.  Stand Or Die might just be Norways answer to the tried and tested formulas of American heavy music, which is a very welcome diversion indeed.  (8)



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