BLODIG ALVOR – ‘Morkets Frembrudd’

blodig alvorBLODIG ALVOR – ‘Mørkets Frembrudd’
Maybe it’s the dark nights and cold winters but the Scandinavians seem to love their Metal and hailing from Norway, Blodig Alvor (translation: Bloody Serious) are the latest offering from a scene that has given us acts such as Kvelertak, Man The Machetes and Blood Command.  Their debut Mørkets Frembrudd (translation: Dark) doesn’t bring anything new to the genre but is a powerful album dealing in aspects of society’s darkened valleys through songs like the shouty ”Blodig Alvor”, ”Start en Revolusjon” and ”Vår Resignasjon”; the band is clearly channeling it’s frustration for the society we live in.  It is curious and maybe commendable that they’ve chosen to sing in their native tongue, in turn seriously limiting their overseas appeal.  While the words are incomprehensible to Headwarmer, what is very clear is that these guys really can play and they stick to a tried and tested formula that results in catchy and instantly memorable tracks with galloping guitars and thumping drums – even though at times it can all feel slightly over-produced and clichéd.  If you took Di’Anno-era Maiden and put it through Google Translate, you’d be close to the all too brief 28-minutes of Mørkets Frembrudd.  It’s not bad, catchy with good hooks and a clean production but does feel as though it’s come 25-years too late, answering questions that nobody’s really asking anymore.  In a scene filled with credible acts a Norwegian language version is never going to interest many outside their mother country.  Think of Blodig Alvor as an angry yet likeable exchange student, with out-of-date clothes and an incomprehensible nature –  you probably wouldn’t take him to the pub would you. (6)



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