brmcBLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB – ‘Spectre At The Feast’
What is the point of locking into a groove? I imagine there are limitless theories but here is my bite-sized observation: it is to seize and exploit a fantastic accident. A group of musicians start hammering out a tune and then suddenly all the planets align and they are ON TO SOMETHING. Maybe it’s like some ancient earth power trip – it must have something to do with deep human creation because it only shows up in the most tribal, soul-engaged forms of music. You’ll never hear Maroon 5 slip into motorik rhythms because their stuff comes from somewhere far away from the human . . . like maybe The Gap or Carphone Warehouse.  Peter Hayes studied at the side of one of the true mad shamans of the form but to fall into Anton Newcombe referencing belittles the BMRC’s own vast accomplishments as a fantastic band. It is this very fact that makes ‘Specter At The Feast’ so irksome. It is a groove record, but only in its intent. It lacks the feel and hook of an actual ecstatic groove. It goes there again and again but comes off as little more than a calorie-free demo of the real thing.  Maybe no one cares. Maybe BMRC are the kind of band that can keep on making similar sounding records and keep selling to that person who liked their debut and loved Howl. I just feel like they have that later period great album in them. This isn’t it (and neither were their last three) but I feel like we shouldn’t write them off. Maybe they just need to head back into the wild for a while.  (4)



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