BAD RELIGION – ‘True North’

badreligionBAD RELIGION – ‘True North’
There’s not a lot that can be said about a Bad Religion record that hasn’t already been said; 16 times.  Pacy punk rock that darts out of the blocks and doesn’t duck it’s head until every last atom has been split in two.  It’s no surprise then that True North is as frantic and so damn foot-tapping as 10’s The Dissent Of Man and every other release before that.  What still continues to surprise is how they can take the exact same formula and make it sound as fresh as the day it first emerged on How Could Hell Be Any Worse, or Suffer.  To pick out individual tracks would be fatuous; although ‘Robin Hood In The Past’, ‘F*** You’, ‘Dharma And The Bomb’ and ‘In Their Hearts Is Right’ feel the most deliberate, immediate and crucial.  Instead it’s almost a given to revel in the whole disgusting predictability of it all; how a three pronged guitar attack can be as unrelenting as Brooks Wackerman’s one-speed drumming in consistantly delivering gut busting punch, after gut busting punch to the solar plexus, bruised knuckles and bloody noses everywhere.  Credit where credit’s due, they’ve found their succor and they’re staying there; the only place where their currency is legal and although occassionally colourless and routine, True North still has enough character to engage right through to brash closer ‘Changing Tide’, and that deserves extended recognition.  (7)


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