AXIS OF – ‘Finding St Kilda’

AXIS OF – ‘Finding St Kilda’axisof
This Northern Ireland trio are already stirring up a bit of a ruckus, having shared stages with The Bronx, The Joy Formidable and Therapy?  This debut acquaints us with some killer post-hardcore groups that strive to lay down raw affectations and crushingly heavy stoner style guitar with agitated caterwauling.  Akin to last years Tough Love from Pulled Apart By Horses, Finding St Kilda really gets down and kicks up a storm while the band underline every bullet of bile from front man Ewen Friers’ gut with an impressive Rock sound that never falters for an instant.  Fascinatingly raw yet tighter than a mallard’s rectum and fluid enough to make you want to join in, the gangland anthem ‘Cardiel’, ‘We Dine On Seeds’ and ‘Aung’ all bristle with paranoia set to a hardcore beat.  ‘Stan Winston’s Rough Seas’ adds a dash of celtic tradition into the mix, while the punk snarl of ‘Re-written In Big Ink’ goes right for the throat leaving a deep impression.  As the record progresses, so too does the band it seems, as the terrace vocals step back and forth in time to the raw power eminating from the instrumentation.  ‘Mapping St Kilda’ injects a huge fix of adrenaline into an album already foaming at the mouth, before the dual vocal behind ‘Edge Of The Canebrake’ and the up-in-arms stoner-Punk groove of ‘Lifehammer’ grind out every drop of sound from their squealing guitars.  As debuts go this gets right beneath the skin with a truly barbed refrain and an instant aura that scars with a deeper, more sinister presence.  Authentic and impactful, everything good Rock should be.  (8)



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