ARCANE ROOTS – ‘Blood & Chemistry’

ArcaneRootsARCANE ROOTS – ‘Blood & Chemistry’
Their first EP had moments of brilliance and the hype surrounding this debut LP has understandably engineered a place for this Surrey trio on everybody’s lips.  There’s a force at work here, something that suggests these boys have a hugely enticing future.  Everything’s present – the charasmatic vocals, angular and eclectic structures, erratic time signatures, riffs that could wrestle a rhino, elevating choruses – ably shifting between dark and light, gathering a sense of drama along the way that should keep even the most closed of minds on edge.  It begins in engaging fashion and continues to bend and twist around an incendiary core right through to its elevating conclusion, through moments of biting aggression and striking songwriting.  Although Blood & Chemistry has an acquired sound – reminiscent of Puzzle era Biffy, a discordant Circa Survive, early Mars Volta even – they’ve nailed the balance between liberal diversity and a contemporary charm that should allure all before them.  The grouping of such tracks like ‘Resolve’ with its instantly memorable chorus and ‘Belief’, with it’s emotive moments and driving power is accomplished and discerning.  While the down right lunacy of ‘Sacred Shapes’ and ‘Tryptich’ showcases their ability to confound and confuse  to stunning effect; perfectly balancing the moments of charm hidden within ‘Hell & High Water’, ‘Slow’ and ‘Held Like Kites’.  Occassionally layering the dissonance with a little too much fervour almost losing a precious melody, there’s enough here to excite, fascinate and captivate; making it a hugely important release and one that should see them well and truly hit the mark this year.  (8)



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