AMERICAN FANGS – ‘American Fangs’

american fangsAMERICAN FANGS – ‘American Fangs’
Have you had enough of the same old pop-punk vibe that felt like it began with Blink 182, evolving into the mass-produced mess that is Paramore?  Fear not fellow punkers, because I guarantee that this debut will have you head-banging and dancing until you’re neck muscles cramp and your legs fall off.  With fast-paced fret-board work, a multitude of vocal terrain and satirical lyrics, it’s really hard to find something to hate about American Fangs debut offering.   These Texans have created a mosh-worthy cataclysm of a party, combining the catchiest hooks to create a dream of an album that should translate perfectly to the stage; persuasively giving an itchin’ to sink some beers and head out for a havoc-filled night on the town.  From start to finish this debut’s carefree, no-fucks-to-give attitude is infectious. With a banger of an opening track in ‘Riot Food’, vocalist Gabriel Cavazos most definitely has our attention with the captain-obvious of all opening lines (‘got you’re attention, give me your attention”).  ‘Le Kick’ and first single ‘Pomona’ keep the pace with no signs of relenting, until ‘Sorry’ provides a subtle yet lyrically insightful gear-change.  Savor the breather, because from ‘Gimmie Gimmie’ onwards it’s a nimble ball of rock ‘n’ roll nourishment, with stand out cuts ‘River You Bought’ and ‘Apple Of My Eye’ pulsating franticly, with the parting shot from the reminiscent ‘Last Time’ left to weave all the elements together perfectly.  That rundown pretty much mirrors the haste of the music overall but be prepared, for this is an album that despite an unflinching formula to each track, stands as a collection of individual outings with a distinguishable edge.  Well thought out and punchy punk-rock at it’s finest, it’s time to p
arty on!  (9)



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