omertaADRENALINE MOB – ‘Omerta’
Ok so this was released last year and we’re ashamed to say we missed it.  But as iTunes recognised by slapping a Best New Metal Act tag square on their foreheads, ‘supergroup’ Adrenaline Mob’s first fruits will certainly make you take them seriously and it’ll take a bold man to deny their frenzied desperation.  Self produced and riddled with cliche’s, Omerta is a throwback to a late eighties and early nineties hard-rock scene that gave us bouffant hair, tight pants and fluffy ego’s.  Which sounds terrible in a modern day context but with a pure riff-hungry intensity, former Symphony X vocalist Russell Allen, six-stringer Mike Orlando, ex-Disturbed bass player John Moyer and ex-Dream Theatre sticksman Mike Portnoy have served up a mighty platter that demands respect.  They’ve seemingly managed to choke every last drop of disaffection from the walls of guitar, almost in a manner which might not endear, but with neck muscles bulging there’s enough barbed wire spewing from Allen’s mouth to leave you achin’ all over.  Take opener ‘Undaunted’ and first single ‘Indifferent’ – both huge, menacing plays on hook laden populist rock.  Or the twisted rasp of ‘Psychosane’, ‘Feelin’ Me’ and ‘Come Undone’, which take the contemporary rule book and piss all over it before burning it before your eyes.  Its hard not picture David Coverdale straddling his mic stand on reflective ballads ‘All on the Line’ and ‘Angel Sky’ but regressions aside, this is a polished and incisive no-nonsense offering that’s tightly controlled.  It offers few surprises but could easily prove to be just the beginning of something absolutely huge. (8)



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