LA Punk-Rockers drop fourth LP of grit and groove!


thebronxIVTHE BRONX – ‘IV’
This southern Californian quintet’s first three albums are each fine examples of Punk and Hardcore fused to sound as contemporary and incendiary as humanly possible.  Their live shows are a sight to behold and with a screaming horn blaring u-turn in the shape of the Mariachi El-Bronx releases, Matt Caughthran and co are actually pioneers in this space.  Few can match the insanely agressive yet wonderfully positive vibe coursing through 08’s eponomously titled LP.  The same can be said of album number two before that, albeit more raw, but with album IV much has been retained.  Its just as tight, just as unrelenting in parts but where earlier work was categorically Punk, Caughthran’s vocal pushed way up front, with IV its Punky-Rock and Caughthran sounds as though he’s decided to let the band take centre stage.  The groove is expectantly dissonant and discordant, with the guitars sounding as  vibrant, toned and vital as ever.  The songs are majority balls-to-the-wall, beer-bottles-in-the-air anthems that will have you hoarse by the night’s out.  Where they’ve taken a step forward is in creating a new found accessibility to their Rock veracity.  It’s ever so slightly daring; subtley so, but works perfectly in capturing the all-round aggression and marrying it to huge hooks that will not dislodge from your flesh until you’re desperate and bleeding.  Three and Four minute dashes through a minefield of sonic mantraps, cuts like ‘The Unholy Hand’, ‘Youth Wasted’ and ‘Torches’ will have you desperate for breath.  While ‘Under The Rabbit’ and ‘Last Revelation’ will have you grinning ear to ear, ‘Life Less Ordinary’ will have you scratching your head in pleasant curiosity.  The balance of caustic and polished steel smoothness will cut this release apart from its contemporaries, again.  Making it one of the most grossly satisfying and engaging albums, well since their last 5 years ago.  Unabashed and unashamed – welcome back!  (9)